Confirmed: NVIDIA’s Tom Petersen is Indeed Joining the Intel GPU Team


    A while back, prominent NVIDIA engineer, Tom Petersen had announced his departure from NVIDIA after 15 long years of wearing green. He didn’t specify the reason for his departure or his future plans, but many were convinced that just like Koduri, Pete had fallen prey to Intel’s GPU “Odyssey”. These claims were today set in stone when Vice President Of Core And Visual Computing Technologies team at Intel, Ari Rausch confirmed Petersen’s addition to their growing graphics team. The Intel Graphics handle on Twitter made the same announcement.

    This proves that Intel means business when it comes to their upcoming discrete graphics processors. This marks the recruitment of a key player from both NVIDIA and AMD into Intel’s Core And Visual Computing Technologies team.

    Intel revealed a few shroud designs for its upcoming graphics cards at GDC a while back. Although, these are just the skins, it’s good to know team blue is on the right track. God knows the GPU market needs some competition after AMD decided to hand over the high-end market to NVIDIA and started playing “rebrand” in the mid-range segment.

    Intel’s discrete graphics processors, dubbed Xe are slated for a reveal in 2020, along with the 10nm Icelake CPUs.

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