NVIDIA’s ridiculously priced Turing flagship, the Titan RTX has finally found its way into the grubby hands of reviewers, and the first benchmarks have surfaced. The 3D Mark score was the first to be seen with the Titan RTX getting a rather fat graphics score of 41K.

In case you’ve been living under a gigantic rock, let me refresh your memory. NVIDIA recently released the full Turing, the TU102GPU as it’s called with every component enabled. It packs 4,608 CUDA cores clocked at 1,350MHz with a boost clock of 1,770 MHz, 576 Tensor cores and 72 RT cores. This results in 130 teraflops of deep learning and 11 gigarays of ray tracing performance.

Now, the 3D Mark score leaked on Twitter was of an overclocked Titan RTX. Using a liquid cooled setup, the GPU core was overclocked to 2,070MHz while the memory was also pushed all the way to 2,025MHz. This resulted in an overall 3D Mark score of 31,862 points while the graphics score came in at 41,109 points.

Like every previous generation, this Titan is also a tad bit faster than the x80Ti, but definitely not worth the $2,400 price-tag. To be fair, a heavily overclocked Ti should matc if not surpass a stock Titan RTX. JayzTwoCents also decided to join the party by posting gaming benchmarks of the Titan. The results show that the gap between the Turing Titan and the 2080 Ti is wider than the previous Titan-Ti deltas. Have a look at the tests:

That’s an approximate gap of 10%, but a price difference of 200%. So take that as you will. Regardless, the Titan RTX is a beast and that extra VRAM is kind of enticing if you are into content creation or any other workloads that demand lots of graphics memory. For gaming, yeah it’s a big waste, not like the rest of the RTX cards are reasonably priced anyway.

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Benchmark credits:JayzTwoCents

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