According to a report from DigiTimes, NVIDIA has stockpiled about a million GPUs that are yet to be released. This news comes right around the time when it’s being reported that graphics card demand is falling. The actual source to this news is said to be an industry insider but is kept anonymous. The report also suggests that there may be “several” million graphics card stockpiled in the world by different manufacturers and distributors and NVIDIA holds a million of the whole stock.


We’ve been seeing many reports about the decreasing demand of GPUs, and prices have also been falling quite significantly for the last couple of months. According to some rumors, we can expect a 20% average price drop in GPU prices in July alone. All this also coincides with the decrease in cryptocurrency mining demand. Many cryptocurrency miners have been selling off old used cards and retail vendors are expected to cut prices to compete with them. There has also been a decline in the demand for mining-oriented ASIC systems.

Many cards have been available at, or sometimes even below, the MSRP as a result.

NVIDIA is trying its level best to keep the details about its next-gen cards, the GTX 1170 and the GTX 1180, away from public domain. This is to make sure that they are able to sell off the current channel of old stock before the launch of the new cards. NVIDIA may also delay the release of the new GPUs further if they are not able to achieve this.


The same source that reported about the stockpile also said that NVIDIA may actually be postponing the launch of its next-gen graphics cards to late Q4 of 2018 until some of the current-gen inventory is drained.

Anyway, if the rumors about the launch that we’ve seen so far actually turn out to be true, we may get to see next-gen NVIDIA GPUs during Q3 2018. These next-gen cards will be made using TSMC’s 12nm and 7nm processors.

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