NVIDIA RTX Voice Now Works on Non-RTX Cards Too

    NVIDIA Broadcast Engine For Game Streamers
    NVIDIA Broadcast Engine For Game Streamers

    NVIDIA’s noise reduction technology, which first released as ‘RTX Voice’, is now officially available for GTX cards. While the feature has since been upgraded and baked into the NVIDIA Broadcast app exclusively for RTX GPUs, its precursor remains available to be downloaded for GPUs without ray tracing support.

    The change was spotted by Tom’s Hardware in the new version of the app. Previously, many users had tricked the app into letting GTX cards tap into the noise-reduction feature, but it appears that NVIDIA has itself patched support for older cards in a new update. As seen in the setup guide on NVIDIA’s dedicated webpage, the system requirements now include the GPU to have the GeForce Driver 410.18 or newer.

    Note that this is not the NVIDIA Broadcast app that was heavily marketed during the RTX 30 series launch. Broadcast is RTX exclusive and includes additional features such as the highly impressive background removal from the webcam, which is quite handy for new streamers. RTX Voice, as the name suggests, is only limited to noise reduction on the user’s microphone.

    You can download the RTX Voice app by clicking here, and NVIDIA Broadcast is available here.

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