We’ve been anticipating the launch of the RTX Titan ever since the RTX 20 Series Graphics cards were released and leaks have finally started popping up.

Gavin Free, One of the creators of The Slo Mo Guys posted a picture of his newly built setup with the new Titan which he probably got a pre production unit for.

This isn’t surprising as Nvidia has a history of sending out unreleased cards to creators and reviewers. While the former aren’t very good at keeping secrets, these are nothing but marketing stunts. 

The RTX Titan will likely be priced around the same $3000 mark, same as the Titan V. 

Update: The card has since been teased much more by content creators on YouTube and Twitter. It will be targeted on Gaming as well as Machine learning and content creation. The price has also been rumoured to take a step up. 

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