We have an insider report coming from wccftech which claims that the Nvidia RTX Mobility front (RTX Mobile series Laptops) will be unveiled on 6th of January at CES 2019.

Sampling has reportedly started and the pre-release drivers will be slightly gimped to prevent performance leaks before the embargo gets lifted.

If you are looking to buy a new Gaming Laptop, we highly suggest you wait till the RTX Mobile Laptops are launched because not only would you have more options to choose from, but the previous gen 10 series Laptops will also become much cheaper. 

The new RTX Laptops are to hit stores by February and will include the RTX 2070 and 2070 Max-Q along with the 2060, 2050 Ti and the 2050. No news on the 2080 Max-Q so far. 

You’ll find the exact device IDs for the Turing GPUs on Github and are as follows:

  • Turing TU102: 1e02, 1e04, 1e07
  • Turing TU102GL: 1e30, 1e3c, 1e3d
  • Turing TU104: 1e82, 1e87
  • Turing TU104M: 1eab
  • Turing TU106: 1f07

The great news is that TU104M 1eab is the device ID for the RTX 2080 Mobile Graphics Card, so that’s some confirmation we have on the release of that card.

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