NVIDIA has been marketing the new RTX 20-series cards with everything they’ve got. While performance-wise the Turing GPUs fail to impress, they do pack a slew of new technologies, the most awaited being DirectX ray-tracing or NVIDIA’s version, RTX. Just a few hours ago Battlefield V received a patch that allows players with the Turing GPUs to test out the much anticipated tech.

As expected the performance isn’t pretty and you need at least an RTX 2080 to enjoy the game at FHD. The 2080 Ti gets decent results using the ultra preset, but only at 1080p, at higher resolutions things get messy. The RTX 2070 although supports raytracing, is not quite practical as the frame rate averages between 30-40 FPS which is far from ideal in a shooter.

DICE has provided four presets to gamers from low to ultra, and only the mighty 2080 Ti manages to stay level at the highest preset (again only at 1080p). The 2080 runs well using the medium preset, but the 2070 just falls flat even at the lowest preset. Guru3D managed to perform some initial tests. The results are as follows:

NVIDIA RTX Ready For Battlefield V
NVIDIA RTX Ready For Battlefield V
NVIDIA RTX Ready For Battlefield V

Yeah not a very practical solution at higher resolutions, but hey it’s a start. By the time NVIDIA’s next architecture debuts, it should be a more feasible technology!

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