Is NVIDIA Planning a GeForce RTX 3090 To Replace Titan RTX? – Leaked Spec Sheet Says So

    NVIDIA RTX 3080 Fan Render
    NVIDIA RTX 3080 Fan Render

    After last week’s RTX 3080 design leak, it seems like that wasn’t the only surprise NVIDIA was planning for us. Now, according to Igor’s Lab, NVIDIA is planning 3 SKUs for the Ampere launch with a Geforce RTX 3090 being highly possible.

    As we gear towards the launch of next-gen hardware towards the second half of 2020, more leaks are coming to the light. We’ve previously reported on rumored spec leaks of the RTX 3000 series, but the RTX 3090 specs take it to a whole new level. Take a look for yourself:

    SKU10PG132GA102RTX 3090(Ti/Super)*24 GB GDDR6X
    384-bt350 W3x DP, HDMI
    SKU20PG132GA102RTX 3080(Ti/Super)*11 GB GDDR6X*352-bit*320 W3x DP, HDMI
    SKU30PG132GA102RTX 3080none10 GB GDDR6X320-bit320 W3x DP, HDMI

    As you can see from the spec sheet, the RTX 3090 will be using the same GA102 GPU that it’s slightly lower-end brothers will use. However, the interesting thing to note is the memory included. The 3080 (Ti/Super) will max out at 11 GB of VRAM, the same as Turing’s flagship 2080 Ti. However, the new flagship 3090 will be using more than double the memory – 24 GB to be exact!

    Honestly, that extreme VRAM increase does seem a little sketchy. If we were to guess the reason for its existence, it seems like NVIDIA is planning to just rename Ampere’s Titan offering as the 3090. With Turing, we saw a similar memory boost with the Titan RTX and how it differed from the 2080 Ti.

    NVIDIA Geforce Titan RTX
    NVIDIA Geforce Titan RTX

    Regardless of the RTX 3090’s existence, I do believe that its the lower end 60 and 70 series of cards that will make the most difference with the PC gaming community. It’ll be interesting to see how all of this plays out with AMD’s RDNA 2 powered Big Navi also on the horizon. Both next-gen consoles also use the same technology with hardware raytracing support, so maybe its time NVIDIA takes their own promise seriously. The Ampere architecture is poised to be a significant upgrade over Turing, with reports claiming 50% more power and efficiency. With all the games now being developed with raytracing in mind, we’ll be needing that extra power more than ever.

    We’ll keep you updated on NVIDIA’s Ampere launch as more official details emerge.


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