GTC Japan was mostly about AI and neural networks just most of NVIDIA’s events as of late, but the company did briefly talk about the newly announced Turing RTX graphics cards.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang claimed that with Turing gamers should be able to push the 4K 60 FPS mark, more specifically with the RTX 2080 Ti which costs $999. The company is marketing the RTX 2080 Ti as a 4K 60 FPS GPU while the more affordable $799 RTX 2080 as a 4K 60 FPS card.

NVIDIA Claims 60+ FPS At 4K With RTX 2080 Ti

The graphs displayed at the press conference seem to depict the 900 series’ GTX 980 Ti as a 4K 30 FPS capable card while the GTX 1080 Ti as a near 60 FPS (45-50) graphics card. I currently own a GTX 1080 Ti, and can confirm that these figures are more or less accurate. That makes the RTX 2080 Ti roughly ~50% faster than the 1080 Ti.

NVIDIA Claims 60+ FPS At 4K With RTX 2080 Ti

This may be a significant performance boost from the previous generation Pascal cards, but whether it justifies the $999 price tag is debatable. Furthermore, this puts the RTX 2080 marginally ahead of the GTX 2080 (~15-20%).

For deep learning performance, the graphs promise almost a 2x boost. This is more believable since the Turing GPUs feature a Tensor core (specialized for AI based operations) with every SMM which the previous generation GPUs lacked.

The RTX cards are going to ship by the end of this month and the reviews start rolling in shortly before that.

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