14th September is the date when reviewers will finally be allowed to talk about the RTX 2080 in greater detail. They’ll finally be able to publish photos of their review samples and release unboxing videos. Nvidia prepared two embargoed documents for tech-journalists. Those documents consisted of Turing architecture overview and GeForce RTX related slides. It also gave some insight about the overclocking capabilities of these new cards.

Some of the slides are specifically about overclocking and gives an idea about why RTX series would be great for overclocking. Nvidia GeForce RTX series will have better power delivery than the older cards. These cards owe this to better voltage regulator modules which provide more scope for overclocking. Higher quality VRMs also allowed Nvidia to raise the TDP limit, which is about 20W more than GTX 1080 at around 55 W.

Nvidia GeForce RTX

Nvidia GeForce RTX

Another slide was pertaining to the acoustics and thermals of the RTX series cards. Nvidia claims their new dual-fan RTX Founders Edition cards will be about 15-20 degree Celsius cooler than its predecessor. Other than that, it also claims these cards to be around 5 times quieter than the previous generation cards.

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