The drivers for the NVIDIA RTX cards are now live, and lo and behold within just a few hours the 3D Mark result is out. The apparent RTX card (RTX 2080 as per the result) gets a mellow score of 10K points.

Before everyone starts complaining, I have my doubts about this leak. Although TimeSpy calls it an RTX 2080, this seems like a rather underwhelming score for it. For reference, the average GTX 1080 GPU easily gets 9K on TimeSpy and a GTX 1080 Ti lands north of 14K.

NVIDIA RTX 2080 3D Mark Benchmark Leaked

We know for a fact that the RTX 2080 will be faster than the 1080 Ti even though marginally but faster nonetheless. So this doesn’t quite line up with what we already know. It’s possible that this is benchmark is of the slower RTX 2070 which would make sense given that it is supposed to be at least on par with the GTX 1080, if not faster.

Update: We’ve just received more leaked benchmarks of Time Spy Extreme and Fire Strike

NVIDIA RTX 2080 3D Mark Benchmark Leaked
NVIDIA RTX 2080 3D Mark Benchmark Leaked

Expect lots of more leaks as the drivers are now online. We’ll keep you updated on NVIDIA’s new RTX cards like always. Cheers!

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