The Nvidia MX150 to be Succeeded by the GeForce MX250


    The Nvidia Geforce MX150 has been a popular choice for most laptop users. It was an upgrade from the older Maxwell based 940MX, while offering performance equivalent to the Pascal-based GT 1030. Being cheap and reliable, it performed alright in most games. However, it’s been in the market for quite a while now and a replacement is overdue.

    According to the latest leaks from Videocardz, the Nvidia MX250 is indeed releasing, which will act as a replacement to the previous entry-level mobility MX150 GPU. The leaks revealed that it would contain 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM which was also the standard for the MX150.

    HP’s new laptop Zhan 66 Pro 14 G2 notebook is going to feature this card. Here are the specs they posted-

    Nvidia MX250
    Hp’s new laptop

    We don’t know yet whether the MX250 is going to be based on the Pascal GPU architecture or the Turing GPU architecture. Nvidia introduced their high-end chips with Turing architecture so we could expect budget chips really soon.

    With CES 2019 just a few weeks ahead, these leaks would be more justified if Nvidia decides to do a grand unveiling of all the mobility Geforce GPUs, including the RTX Max-Q variants we talked about a little while ago.

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