A while ago we had covered the rumors of Nvidia launching a 3GB variant of the GTX 1050 with a reduced 96-bit bus width and well, they have turned out to be very true. Today Nvidia launched the 3GB GTX 1050 and unlike the GTX 1060 5GB, It’s not a China exclusive.

NVIDIA GTX 1050 3 GBOn paper the specifications of this card are peculiar. It has a CUDA core count of 768 which is same as the 1050Ti, and the clock speeds are even higher with the base clock being 102MHz and the boost clock being 126MHz higher than the 1050Ti. With 3GB of DDR5 memory and a 96-bit bus width, you can expect a bandwidth of upto 84 GB/s. It would be quite interesting to see how these values reflect in the benchmarks.

NVIDIA GTX 1050 3GBThis card will be a much better value than both the 1050 2GB and the 1050Ti 4GB. It should suffice the demands of 1080p gaming at medium-high settings and would be ideal for E-Sports titles at 60fps.

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