Vice President of GPU ASIC Engineering at NVIDIA, Stuart Oberman, will be talking about a new Next Generation Mainstream GPU at Hot Chips 30 symposium according to its schedule.

It’s still unknown which architecture will this next generation chip be based on. It could either be based on a whole new architecture or an existing one. This is due to NVIDIA’s carefulness regarding the leak of any information and them avoiding the mentioning of any codenames to the public. The chip may be based on any architecture from Pascal Refresh, Volta, Ampere to Turing.

NVIDIA's Next Generation Mainstream GPU

The presentation is to be held on the first day of the conference i.e. August 20th.  This also means NVIDIA could launch GeForce 20 series before that, somewhere in July.

The presentation will not be public, but you can register and actually take part in the Hot Chips 30 symposium. You can register at their site,

Hot Chips is one of the semiconductor industry’s leading conferences on high-performance microprocessors and related integrated circuits. The conference is held once a year in August at the Silicon Valley.

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