NVIDIA’s shares saw a hike of more than 14 percent on Thursday after the company reported better-than-expected earnings for the fiscal fourth quarter. After this announcement, the stock for green team was more than 9 percent higher. The closing price for the stock was $217.52 per share.

The after-market rally more than made up for their 4.9 percent drop in regular trading, as the broad market crash brought down 97 percent of stocks.

Revenue for the quarter jumped 34 percent, compared to last year, and revenue for the full fiscal year of $9.71 billion was up 41 percent, according to a statement.

NVIDIADuring their Q4 2017 earnings call, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said that they are “10x bigger than our GPU competitor” and that they have “a lot more suppliers… supplying us”. The claim seems legit and if you look at the stock markets, they more than agree with the NVIDIA CEO. AMD has a market cap of $10.8 billion while NVIDIA comes in with a massive market cap of $131 billion, so yeah NVIDIA IS 10 times bigger than AMD. They has been having a sweet time as of late, excelling on all fronts.

 NVIDIA announced a partnership at CES with a ton of car manufacturers for the use of their new Xavier chip in self-driving cars. Their GPUs have been beating the crap out of the competition (AMD that is), and the success of Nintendo’s new portable console is a win for NVIDIA too, as it’s powered by a green chip.

Another thing to note here is that NVIDIA can handle the increased demand for GPUs, and that they have more suppliers who are providing them with everything they need from GDDR5X, HBM2 and now GDDR6 too. Team green is working with TSMC and Samsung for fabricating their GPUs, while AMD is supposedly going to work with not just GlobalFoundries in 2018, but TSMC will also be making their 7nm GPUs.

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