NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti Specs Revealed by Leaked Benchmarks- What to Expect?

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Recently, a twitter-based leaker revealed a Geekbench listing entry of the NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti. The long-awaited mobile GPU was coupled with the unreleased Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake-H CPU, which was leaked a couple of days ago. As of now, we have no word on the launch dates of both the CPU and GPU. But, we expect some great notebooks implementing both the technologies soon.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti Specs

Geekbench NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti leaks
Geekbench NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti leaks…

We previously saw that Nvidia’s TU117 die had 16 Streaming Multiprocessors (SM) for 1,024 CUDA cores. The GTX 1650 employed the TU117 silicon but only had 14 of them enabled, putting 896 CUDA cores for disposal. The Geekbench 5 listing reveals the GTX 1650 Ti would have all 16 Compute Units. Further telling us that the graphics card would have fully-enabled TU117 die for the 1,024 CUDA cores.

Geekbench NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti leaks
Geekbench NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti leaks

The clock speed for the GPU is leaked to be about 1.49 GHz. We expect the desktop version to be clocked at a higher frequency. Its also clear that it will feature 4 gigs of GDDR6 memory, running across a 128-bit bus interface, for seamless gaming.

Geekbench NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti leaks
Geekbench NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti leaks
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In the performance front, the GTX 1650 Ti scores a perfect 44246 points in the Geekbench 5 entry. This proves the upcoming GPU to be the fastest of all the NVIDIA Turing series notebook GPUs.

Launch of the notebook GPU

Since the GPU was leaked alongside the Intel’s 10th Gen core i7 -H CPU. We expect the GPU to drop by the end of March 2020, around the launch of the Comet Lake CPU for notebooks.

We all are looking forward to the giants Intel and NVIDIA for some great launches in the coming months. Launch of some budget-friendly gaming notebooks similar to that for the NVIDIA 1050 Ti would make some great advancements in the segment.

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    • Yes it could be the laptop version of the 1650 super. Since there is time for its market reveal, the company may add some additional specs or features.

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