NVIDIA to Launch GTX 1160 Along with the RTX 2060 in January

    GeForce Driver 430.53

    In yet another rumor regarding the mid-range Turing lineup, it is being speculated that NVIDIA might launch two different versions of the 2060, an RTX version that we talked about yesterday and a GTX version without the RTCores.


    The rumor comes from Videocardz, and as per them, the RTX 2060 will indeed be announced during (or after) CES 2019, but along with that, a non-RTX version or simply a GTX 1160 will also be launched. The RTX 2060 will have the RTCores (and the Tensor Cores) but the latter will drop them for something called as “Turing Shaders”. Now, if I’m being honest, I think that NVIDIA will just strip the RTCores and for marketing purposes is dubbing the regular CUDA Cores as Turing Shaders perhaps due to their new mesh shading and adaptive shading ability. It’s still a shot in the dark, but that’s my take anyway.

    Furthermore, the GTX 1160 will leverage the Turing architecture and won’t be a 1060 rebrand, as we had speculated yesterday. The only difference is that it will lack the RTCores. Videocardz also mentions that other than the RTX 2060, there will be no mid-range RTX cards, and all the lower-end Turing GPUs will debut with the GTX 11xx branding.

    Source: Expreview

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