A photo of what appears to be an engineering board from NVIDIA has been leaked on Reddit. Upon careful inspection of the photo, it can be seen that the memory modules of the board are equipped with Micron GDDR6 memory. Now, this is interesting since no existing GPU works with GDDR6, so it’s quite clear that this is a next generation board.

NVIDIA engineering board

Although nothing solid can be said as of yet, the photo can be of a validation card too. One thing to note is the placement of that GDDR6 memory and the NVIDIA branded PCB.

This could be something for the Turing cards or can also be for a Pascal upgrade. This particular board in the photo is obviously a prototype. It has three 8-pin power connectors and 12 modules of Micron GDDR6 memory indicating 12GB VRAM. There is no GPU present in the module shown.

NVIDIA engineering board


As mentioned earlier, nothing can be said for sure about this board. It’s still just a photo from a post on Reddit and no one knows about its actual origin.


  1. Given the NVLink I’m going to go ahead and say this isn’t the “consumer” model they’re touting for us regular joes out there.

    I just want to know exactly what it is Nvidia is giving us next. NOW.

    Been waiting years to build onto my system….!

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