NVIDIA via a Tweet confirmed the availability of the third RTX card, the RTX 2070. As per the tweet, third party board partner cards will be start selling at $499 while the Founders Edition will be priced at $599.

The pre-order page for the RTX 2070 is online with the specs and prices (and a ludicrous animation), however there’s a notify button instead of the traditional “buy now” option. This means you will be able to order the graphics card on 17th Oct, but they might not necessarily ship around the same day.


No official performance benchmarks are available for the 2070, but expect the card to be roughly 20-30% slower than the 2080 with the same metrics as the GTX 1080. As for the RTCores and the Tensor Cores, it packs a lesser number compared to the 2080 and 2080 Ti due to the trimmed SMs, but the actual ray-tracing performance shouldn’t be that different.

One core difference the RTX 2070 has compared to it’s elder siblings is the missing NVLink connector for SLI. This is evidence that NVIDIA is giving lesser and lesser importance to SLI with every successive generation. Not that that many users had multi-GPU systems to begin with, but it’s a notable development regardless.

The third party reviews for the GeForce RTX 2070 should be online by the end of October. In case, you haven’t read our RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti reviews you can do so here:

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