Several upcoming next-generation NVIDIA GeForce and Quadro boards were discovered at the European Economic Union certification today. The listings mentioned mostly the product codes. We will be trying to make sense of these product codes from all that we know so far.

The 699 is used by NVIDIA for their consumer level products like the GeForce, while the 900 is used for professional and workstation level products like the Quadro and Tesla. The product codes in the listing also included a “PGxxx“ segment, which denotes the board number. The listing featured three board numbers: PG 150, PG 160, and PG 180. The photos of the PG180 were already leaked by a Baidu user a few days ago.

Nvidia GeForce

The PG 150 and PG 160 are expected to be for different GPUs. Usually, at launches, just one or sometimes two boards are seen going through the certification process. But this time, three different boards went through the EEC certification office which means we can expect at least three new GPUs from Nvidia.


The next parts of the product code denoted the board specification like power circuits, display connectors, cooling mounting and color of the PCB.

These product codes are not at all related to the actual graphics card names. The PG180 board will be used for GTX 2080/1180 while the PG160 will be used for GTX 2060.

The certification process is one of the last process electronic components go through to become eligible to be sold in the market. There are different certification offices in different regions, but these GeForce and Quadro listings have been spotted only on the EEC certification office.

You can check the listings on the European Economic Union Certification site :

Source for the 699 series (In Russian)

Source for the 900 series (In Russian)


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