According to a fresh batch of rumors, the next-gen NVIDIA cards will have a new naming scheme. As per YouTube channel AdoredTV, the upcoming Turing GPUs will be named GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2070, instead of GTX 2080/1180 and 2070/1170, respectively.

Earlier NVIDIA registered for the Turing trademark, confirming that the GPU manufacturer will have hardware codenamed after the famous computer scientist in the future.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2080/1180

However the speculation doesn’t end here. Team green also applied for two new RTX trademarks, namely Quadro RTX and GeForce RTX. In case you weren’t aware, RTX is going to be NVIDIA’s version of ray-tracing tech. So, unless NVIDIA isn’t looking to trademark the software/framework alone, RTX will possibly replace GTX as the prefix for the two high-end GeForce cards.

The channel AdoredTV also showed screenshots that it claims is from the official reveal presentation for the upcoming Turing GPUs. You may watch the complete video below:

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  1. %50 faster than a Ti……??!! Well then I guess a purchase is just a no brainer… As this card would imply 4k gaming at a minimum 60fps all day long.

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