NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Geekbench Scores Leaked


    Appending to the list of Nvidia 1660Ti leaks and rumors, we have GeekBench scores which are now public. The leaks were published by Twitter user TUM APISAK who seems to have an endless array of benchmark leaks at his disposal.

    NVIDIA GTX 1660Ti

    The tests were run on a system with an i7-8700K processor, with an ASRock Z370 Taichi motherboard. The 1660Ti received an OpenCL score of 191416. A quick breakdown of the score is listed below-

    • Sobel – 406258 
    • Histogram Equalization – 255789
    • SFFT – 31379
    • Gaussian Blur – 260189 
    • Face Detection – 51823 
    • RAW – 1565391
    • Depth of Field – 531222 
    • Particle Physics – 49295  

    The score seems to be 11% and 21% higher than the 1070 and GTX 1070 Ti, respectively. The stats are quite impressive and its ability to perform in the market is purely dependent on its pricing. The 1660Ti is all set to release on February 22nd.

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