Amid the GPU drought and lack of high end AMD Radeon graphics cards, NVIDIA is expected to launch it’s Turing based GTX 1180 GPU this year. Earlier known as Volta and then Ampere, the GTX 11 series of cards are expected to be launched by the 3rd quarter (Q3) of 2018.

This leak was shared by media outlet WCCFTech, according to whom the GeForce GTX 1180 will be based upon the 12nm node. The GTX 1180 board config (possibly GT104) seems rather similar to the Pascal based GTX 1080Ti (GP107), with the same amount of CUDA core count, TMUs and ROPs. Apart from the new 12nm FinFET node, the major change is that the new NVIDIA flagship will have GDDR6 memory.

The GTX 1180 appears to be underwhelming on paper given the near identical specs to the GTX 1080Ti, but let’s not forget that since it’ll rock a much faster GDDR6 memory, the bandwidth of the former will exceed the current NVIDIA flagship’s. Not to mention the architectural enhancements, the faster core and the new node.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1180However, at this point this is still an unverified rumor, so take it with your regular grain of salt. Looking at the GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1180 side by side, if we are to believe this leak, in terms of TFLOPS, there will be ~50% performance gain. This will be partly due to the increased core count of 3584 on the GTX 1180 (1080 has 2560), TMUs, ROPs, and lastly the faster memory and broader bus.

Pitching it against the GTX 1080Ti doesn’t yield so favorable results. Expect an increase of 15-20%, thanks to the faster memory and larger bus mainly. So current NVIDIA flagship owners don’t seem to have to worry about the GTX 1180, and will probably have to wait another year. Considering the graphics card shortage in the market however, gamers will fall upon these cards like wolves when they launch. They provide a steady boost over the Pascal based GTX 1080 and 1070Ti, although it is unlikely owners of the latter will be considering an upgrade since it’s a relatively new product.

Looking over at team red, while their CPU segment is prospering with Ryzen 2nd Gen processors, seems like the Radeon group is more or less deserted and devoid of attention. Given the shortage of Vega and the ridiculous price hikes, the only acceptable GPU’s AMD is offering are the mid-range Radeon RX 500 series. We’ve already reported that the new 7nm Vega will be exclusively for machine learning and neural networks, and NOT for gamers. We know, it’s sad, but we got no choice other than to wait for the GeForce GTX 1180, and see how it performs.

Coming to the price, the GTX 1180 as per the leak will be launched at $699. The founder’s edition for the 1080 was similarly priced, and given that it will be faster than the 1080Ti, even though by a short gap, it is very much possible that the new GTX 1180 will retail at this price. Especially if you consider the current prices of the 1080Ti, it makes sense that NVIDIA will try to sell them for the original flagship prices.


  1. I am and have been waiting for these to drop….. I wanted to go with AMD, but their cards were to hungry power wise for what you truly weren’t getting performance wise.

    Still rocking vanilla TITAN’s here in quad SLI…… Would like to step up to something newer and more power efficient here soon, but these cards still have six years warranty on them…… Hmmmmmmmmm!?!?

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