A leaked image of the GTX 1180’s PCB coming from a Baidu user has shown up and reveals a lot of information about the connectors, phases and memory. While some of the recent Nvidia leaks have been profoundly misleading, this one seems to be quite legitimate.

This is the second PCB leak of the GTX 1180, and it looks like a toned down version of the one we saw in the first leak. Upon counting we can see that the PCB has 8 memory dies around the GPU core, which can house either 8GB or 16GB of GDDR6 memory. The bus interface is 256-bit which is commonplace for high end Nvidia cards. It also has 10 power phases (Nvidia usually never uses all of them) along with a 6+8pin power connector.

Coming to the I/O, there are four display connections with the last one being smaller than the others, hinting to a USB Type-C connection. Along with that the connectors up top are likely an implementation of the new NVLink which is here to replace SLI by making two graphics cards behave as one.

The Nvidia logo at the bottom shows that this is a reference PCB, and not a custom board (The reference layout defines the positions for the GPU, RAM, power supply regulators, power connectors and mounting holes on the PCB).

We recently also came to know that on July 20th, Manli Technology Group notified EEC certifiaction office about upcoming products. In the list of the products we can see a GA104-400 graphics processor which is likely the GPU for the GTX 1180. The ‘A’ in the suffix also suggests that the new architecture might be called Ampere.


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