The upcoming flagship from graphics card manufacturer NVIDIA, the GeForce GTX 1180 has been added to the Techpowerup GPU database. There have a fair deal of rumors surrounding NVIDIA’s next gen Volta/Ampere/Turing architecture.

An earlier report claimed that the GeForce 1180 would feature the same specs as the current performance champ, the GTX 1080Ti albeit with a faster GDDR6 memory and a 256 bit bus. The report also mentioned that the GTX 1180 would be based on the 12nm FinFet node and cost $699. Basically a cheaper 1080Ti based on a newer architecture with faster memory.

Now, the 1180 has surfaced on the Techpowerup GPU database with the same specs as the earlier story. However, please note that this probably isn’t an official release, just speculations. Regardless though they are in line with the rumor that the GTX 1180 would be more or less on par with the Pascal powered GeForce GTX 1080Ti.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1180The database puts the TDP of the unreleased Volta card at 200 watts, while the other notable detail is that it draws power from 1x 6-pin + 1x 8-pin power connectors. The database puts the memory size (VRAM) of the GTX 1180 at 16 GB (GDDR6), connected to the GV104 GPU via a 256 bit wide bus. The memory clock is mentioned as 1500 Mhz, or 12 Ghz effective.

The graphics card is said to offer 11 GFLOPS of performance, with a bandwidth of 384 GB/s. However one thing that doesn’t add up is that the clock speed is the exact same as the GeForce 1080Ti. Consecutive generations often see substantial increases in the clock speeds thanks to fine-tuning of the architectures, lower fab processes, etc. That means this probably is just a speculation or a fake.

We’ll keep an eye out for news concerning the GTX 1180, but our best bet is that it will be  launched at Computex 2018 which will start at the end of the current month. If it’s not launched at Computex then expect a reveal by Sep ending/Oct beginning.

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