Prominent NVIDIA Engineer, Tom Petersen to Join Intel; Will Work on Xe GPUs

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    It looks like Intel is getting rather aggressive with its recruitment drive (or should I say “Odyssey”) for the Visual Technologies Team. After poaching the head of Radeon Technologies Group, Raja Koduri, Intel seems to have “persuaded” Tom Petersen, one of the most prominent (former) faces at NVIDIA to switch sides. He had been working as the director of technical marketing there since 2005.

    Tom Petersen

    Tom is popular with journalists and enthusiasts alike for his calm temperament and his departure from NVIDIA was not quite expected. Before NVIDIA, he worked at IBM and Motorola as a CPU designer on the PowerPC team as well as the Engineering Director at Broadcom for one of their embedded quad-core chips.

    Today was my last day as an NVIDIA employee. I’ll miss them. They carried me through some tough times and I am eternally grateful.

    Tom Petersen on Facebook
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    Tom Petersen was the guy who cleaned up any mess the marketing team at NVIDIA made, from the Maxwell-based GTX 970 fiasco to the async compute drama that haunted team green when DirectX12 was first implemented in AotS. He was also the guy who usually participated in product pre-launch press calls, and also responded to many post-launch criticisms.

    Before Koduri and Petersen, Intel had also brought a bunch of other veterans on board its discrete Xe GPU development team. These include the former Sr. Director of Global Product Marketing at AMD, Chris Hook, Jim Keller and Darren McPhee, both of whom played leading roles at AMD back in the day.

    As HotHardware points it out, this hasn’t been made official yet but it’s quite certain that Tom Petersen will be joining Intel’s Visual Technologies Team to bring the Xe chips to fruition.

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