During a recent live-stream by the Lead Producer of Anthem, Ben Irving, BioWare revealed its future plans for tackling the issues currently plaguing its latest release as well as new content updates for the title.

The upcoming March 12th update for the game will address the critical PS4 bug which has been causing players’ systems to crash, and the level 1 rifle bug which makes begininng gear far more powerful than those obtained later in the game.

The update will also enable players to launch expeditions anywhere in Fort Tarsis even if they aren’t grouped with others and reintroduce the ability to reinforce other stronghold teams through quickplay.

BioWare plans to add a stats page where players will be able to get a detailed view of their health, armor, damage values etc. Along with this, masterwork level of support gear will also be coming and the studio is currently working out how to make the Grand Master 2 and 3 difficulties more rewarding for players. When these updates will roll out is yet to be announced.

Lastly, Irving confirmed that support for NVIDIA DLSS technology will also be arriving to the game sometime soon.


Anthem is currently out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For those of you planning to get the title on PC, check out our review of its performance on the platform and NVIDIA’s Triple Threat bundle for its RTX cards that will snag you a free copy of Anthem along with two other major titles.

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