NVIDIA DLSS Comes to VR Games For The First Time, With Support In 9 More Games

    NVIDIA DLSS Comes to VR Games in May 2021

    NVIDIA’s DLSS technology has been shaking the PC gaming industry with its performance-boosting features for a long time, and now it’s making the jump to Virtual Reality.

    In a new GeForce blog post, NVIDIA revealed that its image reconstruction technique is now available in the following VR titles:

    • No Man’s Sky VR
    • Wrench
    • Into the Radius

    The addition of DLSS to VR games is significant as VR games have always needed higher frame rates to stay immersive. Most high-end VR headsets include high-refresh rate displays, but since the games are powered by the connected PCs, it’s not always a guarantee that your VR game will run at those high FPS numbers.

    No Mans Sky Geforce RTX 4K NVIDIA DLSS Performance

    NVIDIA claims that with DLSS in No Man’s Sky, gamers using RTX 3080 can get upwards of 90 FPS. While DLSS failed to deliver with its initial release, subsequent updates have now made DLSS 2.0 a gamechanger, with minimal impact on image quality during intense gaming.

    NVIDIA has recently been increasing DLSS support rapidly, with major game engines also supporting it via easy to use plug-ins. While neither PS5 nor the Xbox Series consoles have NVIDIA’s tensor cores for DLSS, it’ll be interesting to see how AMD manages to catch up to team green with its own cross-platform FSR. We expect DLSS adoption to grow even further, as recent rumours suggest the Nintendo Switch redesign/successor will also include support for the image reconstruction process, targeting 4K gaming on a handheld device.

    NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 Update
    NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 Update

    In other news, NVIDIA also confirmed more PC titles to get ray tracing and/or DLSS, including the following games:

    • AMID EVIL – Ray Tracing and DLSS
    • Aron’s Adventure – DLSS
    • Everspace 2 – DLSS
    • No Man’s Sky – DLSS
    • Redout: Space Assault – Ray Tracing and DLSS
    • Scavengers – Launched with DLSS
    • Wrench – Ray Tracing and DLSS

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