Nvidia Introduces Creator Focused RTX Laptops with Studio Program

Earlier today Nvidia at Computex announced a new initiative of theirs called Nvidia Studio which is essentially a branding program under which Laptops that meet a minimum requirement of a powerful CPU and a ray tracing capable Nvidia GPU will be allowed to carry the RTX Studio badge. It is primarily aimed at content creators and despite the specifications not being too far off from a Gaming Laptop, Nvidia wants to differentiate them as being specifically for content creation.

After meeting the following specifications, Laptop OEMs will be allowed to opt-in to the Studio RTX program:

These specs are pretty much on par with modern Gaming laptops with the exception of the Quadro GPUs (that have their own separate branding) and an abundance of RAM. Clearly Nvidia also wants these Laptops to carry a muted look along with a thin Max-Q Design as that’s what most professionals and content creators prefer.

Nvidia plans to launch this initiative with 7 vendors and 17 different Laptops. As expected, these include Acer, ASUS, Dell, Gigabyte, HP, MSI and Razer. Nvidia has also announced a benchmark price of $1,599 but this can of course slightly vary depending on the config.

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