Nvidia announces FY2020 Q3 Revenue of $3.01 billion


    Nvidia reported strong financial results in Q3 of the 2020 financial year, with $3.01 billion in revenue. This was driven by strong performance in the gaming and hyperscale segments, and represents a 17 percent revenue increase over Q2.

    Looking at a segment breakdown, the over half of Nvidia’s Q3 revenue–$1.65 billion–is from the Gaming segment. Data Center sales at $726 million are another significant area. GPU-accelerated hyperscale computing is a nascent area that has tremendous potential: The massively parallel architecture of GPUs makes Nvidia’s HPC options an emerging threat to both Intel and AMD’s HPC offerings.

    Overall, Q3 2020 earnings were slightly down from Q3 2019, with the gaming segment, in particular, seeing a 6 percent year-on-year decline. However, Nvidia managed to increase its gross profit margin by 3.2 percent to 63.6 percent. Nvidia also provided a forecast for their expects financials in Q4 2020. These are some of their expectations:

    • Revenue is expected to be somewhat muted, at $2.95 billion, due to a seasonal decline in notebook GPU sales.
    • Gross margins are expected to remain roughly the same, in the 64 percent range.

    Q3 was a particularly good quarter for Nvidia because of the arrival of the RTX Super line. Going into Q4, the mainstream GTX Super line is expected to contribute significantly to overall growth.

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