NVIDIA Ampere GPUs 50% Faster Than Turing; Built on 7nm Process

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A new report suggests that NVIDIA’s upcoming Ampere Lineup is going to be 50% faster than current Turing GPUs as they’re built on the 7nm process. The report comes courtesy of Taipei Times which suggests that the next-generation GPU lineup will be launched in the second half of 2020. As we’ve already seen before, AMD has adopted the process with its RDNA based Navi GPUs – the RX 5700 series. During our testing with the cards, we noticed significant improvements in the AMD camp over their previous lineup.

NVIDIA Ampere Cards Table - Tomshardware
Image courtesy- Tomshardware

The report suggests that the Ampere GPU will be about 50% faster than the current Turing architecture, which includes the heavily popular RTX series of cards. Given that the next-gen gaming consoles are also going to include raytracing support, it seems a no-brainer that NVIDIA will double down on DXR support with their Ampere cards. The source also predicts that the move will see significant gains in gaming laptop sales. MSI, in particular, is said to see the most profit as almost 60% of their sales come from their gaming division.

Other gaming manufacturers like Asus, Dell and Lenovo are said to be next in line to see a big gain from the release of the Ampere card(s) and their implementation of said GPU in their products. Current predictions are for NVIDIA to introduce their next Geforce GPU in August, during the annual SIGGRAPH conference. Just as a reminder, the previous Turing lineup was announced at the same conference in 2018, with the next year seeing a revision of said cards with the SUPER series.

Jensen Huang announcing the NVIDIA RTX (Turing) cards
Jensen Huang announcing the NVIDIA RTX (Turing) cards
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In the red camp, AMD is supposed to launch its upcoming Big Navi cards this year, with hardware raytracing support. The company is also working with console makers Microsoft and Sony to include similar technology in their machines. Suffice to say that this year will be big for both companies. With AMD’s new approach to consumer technology, NVIDIA needs to up their game and provide more value out of their new cards. We partly saw that last year when the SUPER cards were announced, along with multiple GPUs (GTX 16-series) launched in the budget segment.

We’ll keep you updated as both companies reveal their plans over the year.

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  1. Gigabyte Vega 64 is available at 21k on vedantcomputers. Is this the best deal for someone who wants to build a PC under 70k if paired with a good PSU?

    • Hi Pratham. Vega 64 at 21k is a good deal, although if you want something new then you could get a Ryzen 5 3600 and pair it with a slightly better GPU.
      If gaming is your main priority then we suggest going for the 5700 series or something from NVIDIA. The best course of action will be to wait for a while and go for the newer GPUs which come out this year. Or just use that opportunity to get the cards which drop in price once that happens. Try waiting for AMD’s Raytraced offerings or get something like 2060.

  2. Wait a few months….you can get 2070/2080 level performance from nvidia for the same price you are planning to spend. Going for vega 64 at this moment is a poor choice. It was one of the disappointing cards.

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