Rejoice, Non-Netflix Users! Netflix Finally Has Free Content

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Netflix has been trying to bring to non-subscribers free content to watch, and has been working on this feature since last year. This year, Netflix has finally made this feature available to a broader audience who do not have a subscription to the streaming platform.

It is reported that the streaming giant is all set to make some Netflix originals available to all. A total of ten different films and series have been added to the list of free shows.


The list includes Emmy-nominated drama Stranger Things, horror thriller Bird Box, comedy Murder Mystery starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. In a statement by Netflix to Gadgets 360, which reported the news, a Netflix spokesperson had mentioned that this is a promotional deal and it is available to users all across the world now. 

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The list of shows that have been made available for non-subscribers is, Stranger Things which will only stream the first episode for free, Murder Mystery is available to be watched entirely, Elite (Episode 1), The Boss Baby: Back in Business (Episode 1), Bird Box (Full Movie), When They See Us (First Episode), Love is Blind (First Episode), The Two Popes (Full movie), Our Planet (First Episode), Grace and Frankie (First Episode).


It is a smart tactic, though. Netflix has decided to only air only the first episodes big-budget series and the movies are entirely free to watch. After the free trial is over, Netflix will ask you to subscribe to the platform. The shows and the movies begin with a 30-second advertisement which is skippable. 

To be able to watch these free contents and access the benefits of the promotion, one needs to the Netflix page. In this page itself, there’ll be an FAQ section about the promotion which mentions, “the selection may change from time to time”. By this statement it means that the platform can change the shows and movies that it is allowing non-users to watch, so make sure you watch the titles that interest you soon.

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There is, however, something that one must bear in mind if they are planning to use the free trial that Netflix is providing. These free contents can only be watched via a computer or through an Android device, iOS browsers are not supported. So, if you have an Apple device you won’t be able to watch these shows or movies.

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