Apple Won’t be Getting Rid of Lighting Port Anytime Soon

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We are not done with the iPhone reports because Ming-Chi Kuo ain’t stopping, and this time, he’s claiming that Apple will not be replacing the lighting port in the iPhones with the USB C for the foreseeable future.’

According to a recent report from Macrumors, Kuo claims that the Cupertino giant has no plans to move to the USB Type-C on the upcoming iPhone 13 or any ‌iPhone‌ model, at least for the time being. As per Kuo’s insight, ‘Apple is reluctant to move to USB Type-C because the USB Type-C is free, open-source, although Apple’s lightning port has a better waterproof reliability than the open-sourced USB Type-C.’

Apple Wants to Make More Money From Licensing Instead of Opting for Open Sourced USB Type-C

apple iPhone charging cables
Credits: iMore

One of the major factors behind the decision not to move to USB Type-C for the iPhones could be the MFi business’s profitability. MFI is one of Cupertino giant’s biggest revenue sources since every third-party accessory manufacturers had to pay a considerable amount of considerable commission to let them make Lightning cables or accessories.

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If Apple switches over to the USB Type-C, then it might end up losing those commissions, so there are high chances that Apple might adopt the portless design with support for Magsafe.

But as per Kuo, the Magsafe technology is still quite premature since it’s just able to charge your iPhone and other lighting port functionalities such as data transfers, and diagnose problems with iPhone are still missing, so it might be sometime before Magsafe gains more functionality and Apple shifts to a complete Magsafe environment.

Do you also hate dongles? Want the lovely headphone jack back? Sorry your’e not getting, get a dongle or buy AirPods

Also, shifting to USB Type-C will get us more tangled in dongles since a bunch of other essential devices as the entry-level iPad, iPad mini, AirPods will be stuck with the lighting port, and we will be not having any other option to carry around with one more dongle to get our work done.

iPhone 5’s lighting port
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As for now, it seems like the lighting port is not going anywhere, and Apple also intends to stick with it, at least for the iPhone 13, but it can also make an appearance in the future iPhones.

Credits: iMore

The lighting port made its first appearance on an iPhone in 2012 with the iPhone 5, after which Apple has used a lighting port in every iPhone. Several other products such as the iPad Pro, iPad Air, MacBook Pro, and the MacBook Air.

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It’s quite understandable why Apple doesn’t want to switch to the USB Type-C because with iPhones, there’s no need of necessity, and why fix something that is not broken.

If you’re sad knowing that your dream of a USB Type-C ecosystem might not be coming true, then you need to check out Jon Prosser’s reaction to the news, and we’ll make sure that he shaves his eyebrows if Apple ever adopts the USB Type C standard.

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