New Nintendo Direct Confirmed For June 15, Might Reveal Switch Pro and Breath of The Wild 2

Nintendo has announced a new Nintendo Direct showcase to be held on June 15. The new Direct will focus on announcing new Switch games with 3 hours of gameplay from Nintendo Treehouse live, but fans are anticipating the long-rumoured Switch Pro/revision to be announced.

Previous rumours have suggested that the Switch Pro, or whatever it might end up being called, will include NVIDIA’s new Tegra chip with support for DLSS.

More details about the showcase, partnered with E3 2021, can be found on the official website here, but Nintendo hasn’t said anything about a Switch Pro. However, Nintendo had revealed earlier that the sequel to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 was in development as of 2019. It’s possible that we might be getting the first full trailer and/or gameplay of the sequel at this Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo Switch with joycons

Bloomberg’s analysts expect the new Nintendo Switch console to come in at a higher price point, around $349-$399. The Nintendo Switch currently retails for $299 and ₹31,000 in India, with the Switch Lite selling for $199 or ₹20,000. However, Nintendo’s official support in India is certainly lacking, and we hope a newer model will make its way to the country in a more authentic manner.

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