Next-Gen Xbox Anaconda May be 2x More Powerful than the Xbox One X


    The last generation, Sony’s PS4 beat the Xbox One on pretty much all fronts: resolution, performance, first-party titles, sales, etc. Although with the One X, MS somewhat proved the console’s technical prowess, it was too late in the cycle. The coming-gen Microsoft is gearing up to take back its lost glory and Xbox head, Phil Spencer has been hard at work acquiring studios, promising a native 4K capable console and so much more. It seems like the 4K bit at least is coming along well. According to Windows Central, there will indeed be a 4K capable console, dubbed Anaconda that will eat “Monsters for breakfast”.

    As per sources, Anaconda will offer as much as 12 Teraflops of horsepower, twice that of the Xbox One X. In comparison, the One S pales with just 1.4 TF. On the other hand, the budget console for the masses dubbed “Lockhart” will target a more modest 4 Teraflops and will sell at a much more affordable price. Both the consoles are rumored to support hardware-level ray-tracing although I suspect for Lockhart, it will just be a marketing advantage.

    We know that both the next-gen Xbox and PS5 consoles will be powered by a 7nm Zen2 based CPU packing 8-cores more or less on par with the desktop 3600 and a Navi 20 GPU. There will also be an NVMe based SSD for faster load times and up to 16GB of memory.

    While this all sounds tremendous on paper, keep in mind that numbers don’t mean much. Historically AMD GPUs have had a much higher TF rating than competing NVIDIA parts, but the latter has always managed to retain the performance crown. The same will be the case here. A 12TFlop Xbox Scarlett (Anaconda) will more likely be on par with the RTX 2070 Super which offers 9 TFLOPs of FP32 performance.

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