NVIDIA CEO and co-founder Jensen Huang said during the last press conference before Computex that the next-gen GeForce cards are still a ways off and it seems like board partners are just as clueless as everyone else. This development happened during an invite only event where the NVIDIA CEO distributed sandwiches among the attendees.

The event was mainly focused on AI and it’s applications, with a spotlight on NVIDIA hardware made specifically for it, namely the Xavier and Pegasus boards. Coming to consumer PCs, NVIDIA is looking to expand their MaxQ offerings. The number of MaxQ laptops has risen from 8 to 26 in less than a year. Light and thin is the way to go after all.

Next Gen NVIDIA GeForceThere was an RTX (rasterization with real-time ray tracing with AI prediction) demo. Ray tracing or RTX is an enhanced rendering method with much more precise shadows, reflections and anti-aliasing. Present hardware is just not powerful enough to run it however, and when asked how long will it be before devs start using this tech, Jensen said, “It’s going to take time. Tackling film and enterprise/commercial first, then some day to mass market.”

NVIDIA also launched it’s IAMAI campaign and a robotics platform called NVIDIA ISAAC, built on top of Jetson Xavier, the devkit for which costs a staggering $1299. Lastly, people started asking about the next gen GeForce cards (Ampere/Turing?), but the NVIDIA CEO didn’t give a direct answer only saying that, “‘ll invite you. There will be lunch. But it’s a long time.”

As per rumors, the next-gen NVIDIA GeForce cards will be unveiled at Hotchips on 30th August. Someone even asked Jensen if these rumors were true, but once again he refused to comment on it, saying, “Live in the present! We will invite you to our launch events.” So fellow gamers and enthusiasts, looks like our wait has been prolonged by another couple of months.

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  1. Soooooooo tired of waiting for their cards and tired of AMD’s lack of offerings in the GPU department as well. Would easily jump on an AMD freesync monitor and a card, but for what and why? To be more power hungry than that of my Quad SLI TITAN’s and to not offer the same performance?? No thank you….

    COME ON Nvidia Please give us something sooner than later!!!

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