Since the beginning of the year, there have been various rumors about the next-gen GeForce graphics cards. At first, it was speculated that NVIDIA would unveil it’s consumer Volta cards, codenamed Ampere (or Turing) at CES, then Computex was the next supposed venue. The latest round of rumors point to Hotchips (last week of August) being the center-stage for the reveal of NVIDIA’s next generation of GeForce cards.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1180/2080 Specifications

If we look at the previous and present generation NVIDIA GPUs, we can conclude with a good level of certainty that the next non-Ti flagship will be roughly as powerful as the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, the present performance champ. The GTX 1180 should be somewhere between 15-30% faster than the 1080 Ti and 60-80% than it’s predecessor, the GTX 1080.

NVIDIA Volta (Ampere or Turing): When to Expect The Next Gen GeForceThe GeForce GTX 1170 should be roughly on par with the GTX 1080, and quite a bit faster than the 1070. Both the top-end Ampere/Turing GPUs will be based on a 104 class chip. The 1180 will feature the full fledged Gx104 chip while it’s younger sibling the 1170 will be built on a cut down version.

Coming down to the numbers, the GTX 1180 will feature approximately 3500 CUDA cores, 16 GB of GDDR6 (or 5X) VRAM and a 256 bit wide bus. The GPU core clock should be north of 2 Ghz, depending upon how good the thermals are. The 1170 will feature a lower core count, and possibly GDDR5X memory or slower GDDR6. As for the other cards, you can use the same basic formula and do the math.

When Will The Next Gen GeForce Cards Be Unveiled: Our Take

All the rumors at present point to a reveal at Hotchips on 20th August. As per a memo from Hotchips, Nvidia’s Stuart Oberman, Vice-President of ASIC engineering, will present the company’s next-generation mainstream GPU at the event. However, before you guys get excited, note that it says VP of ASIC engineering and not the CEO. Till now, almost every new generation of consumer cards, AKA GeForce cards have been announced at a fancy event by the NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang.

NVIDIA Volta (Ampere or Turing): When to Expect The Next Gen GeForceSo while there might be some new info regarding the next GeForce cards, I doubt they’ll be formally announced. Curiosity got to me and I did a bit of asking around, and while most of them were tight lipped, the only reply I got from a certain NVIDIA employee is that Turing or Ampere should be unveiled sometime in Q3 2018. Apart from Hotchips, that leaves September as a potential window for the release. This would be similar to the release of the GeForce 900 series cards that were also released in September, around 4 years ago.

More waiting, huh. Anywho, what do you guys think about this. To be fair, most games run just fine on the GeForce 10 series, and the lack of competition from AMD isn’t really helping. Opinions?



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