AMD has been ramping up Linux support for their latest and greatest CPUs and GPUs with pre-release driver updates and patches. We have already seen patches for Navi 10 (Radeon RX 5700) as well as the speculated big Navi 12 (RX 5800) well before the official announcement. Now, AMD has pushed out the experimental drivers for the upcoming Renoir APU and the Navi 12 GPUs. This is the first such patch for the former while the latter has already seen multiple updates.

This release basically adds the PCI id for Renoir while also fixing some main issues pertaining to the SKU. It will be the successor to Picasso, the 3000 series APU lineup powered by the 12nm Zen+ cores and Vega GPU. It is most likely going to be based on the 7nm Zen 2 cores paired with Vega graphics. There have been speculations that it might pack the newer RDNA powered Navi graphics, but that seems unlikely. Anyway, it’s too early to be sure of anything and we should know more by the end of the year. The Ryzen 4000 APUs are going to hit retail by early 2020.

This patch also mentions Navi 14 which is going to be the successor to the Polaris RX 570 and 580 graphics cards. Like Navi 10, it will be based on the 1st Gen RDNA architecture and go up against NVIDIA’s GTX 16 series lineup. We expect them to offer unmatched performance per dollar just like the RX 5700 lineup, with a launch sometime in the coming months. Stay tuned for more!

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