FOX has just officially confirmed the production of a sixth season of Prison Break for 2018 ! Fans of the show have been on the edges of their seats ever since Dominic Purcell made a clear indication on the production of season 6, and can now rejoice with the formal confirmation by FOX.

Long-time fans will surely have reason to celebrate, considering how they were forced to wait the better part of 8 years between seasons 4 and 5, only to be treated to measly 9 episodes.At the 2018 Television Critics Association winter press tour, FOX Entertainment Chief Michael Thorn stated that the show IS coming back, but with a “new iteration”. Details on the matter are still rather vague, but he was extremely enthusiastic about it and mentioned that although the new iteration is in its early stages, he was really excited to see the result.
The news of a “new iteration” does bring up some questions though, a major one being – Is the cast going to change? Robert Knepper’s sexual assault accusations will keep him out of the series no doubt, and Purcell has indicated in the past that he was done with Prison Break, although his Instagram refutes that notion. Entertainment Weekly was able to get a statement from Gary Newman, FOX Chairman and CEO after the TCA press tour, in which he reassured fans that the cast for season 6 of Prison Break will not be completely changed. While this is hopeful, as seeing Purcell and Wentworth back again can only put smiles on the faces of fans, it is safe to assume that Robert Knepper will most likely not be in on this season, especially with the current purge of all celebrities with clouded pasts like him in Hollywood.

But until the time we can bask in the glory of Prison Break again, Wentworth will continue his role as Captain Cold in CW’s The Flash and Purcell with his role as Heat Wave in CW’s Arrowverse.

As of now, no premier date has been announced for Prison Break season 6.


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