Right after a great game in Dragon Ball FighterZ, Bandai Namco has announced a new action RPG set in the world of Dragon Ball Z. Titled Project Z, the game will revisit the iconic battles from the long-running series.

You can check out the teaser video that was released above. As per the video, the game will focus on traditional RPG mechanics just like the Xenoverse series. Players may not be able to create their own characters, like in the Xenoverse games. The teaser’s focus on series’ protagonist Goku is pretty apparent, & it seems like the game will instead retell the DBZ saga. Recurring characters from the series like Piccolo and Frieza will make an appearance.

Dragon Ball Project Z Will Follow Goku

Last year’s FighterZ was a breath of fresh air in the DBZ games’ franchise. As many fans will agree, the franchise hasn’t really gotten any better since the Budokai Tenkaichi games. Xenoverse and FighterZ tried to change that, and for the most part, succeeded. Project Z should hopefully change that for the better.

Dragon Ball Project Z
Kame House in Project Z

“Combining the fabled story of DRAGON BALL Z with a proven video game development studio is a surefire way to create an awesome DRAGON BALL adventure…We can’t wait to unveil the official name for the game and share more gameplay details with players!”

Eric Hartness, VP of Marketing, Bandai Namco

Oh and before you ask it, yes the teaser features in-engine footage from the game. Before Project Z, you can play as Goku in Namco’s upcoming Jump Force. Bandai Namco has not announced any release date for Project Z, but as stated in the teaser, the game should release sometime in 2019.

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