New Desktop Experience for XBox Users


    On today’s update for Windows 10, users of the XBox application were greeted with a new name (XBox Console Companion) and a message that stated that it would soon become a ‘dedicated app for an XBox console’s features and settings’. Even more intriguing was the second message, which read that a ‘new desktop experience’ is coming soon. While its not exactly clear what the distinctive features of this app in particular are, it should come as a surprise for many of the app’s dedicated users, in spite of Microsoft recently releasing an updated Game Bar , whose full overlay that’s akin to  Nvidia’s GeForce Experience or Discord and numerous widgets may cause the XBox app to be seen as redundant.

    Despite the promise of change incoming, however, for now, the app continues functioning exactly as its been since before the update. Perhaps the most important feature of the app, it’s game streaming feature that can be used to stream from an XBox One console is still present on the app. The movie does come as a surprise, though, because it was a great deal of speculation that Microsoft was going to remove the app on Windows 10, but evidently, the company has other plans for it. Phil Spencer, the Microsoft gaming chief, said that a ton of work had to be done by the software maker for PC gamers. With E3 rapidly approaching, it would seem that the perfect opportunity to learn more about Microsoft’s plans for gaming on the PC will soon be upon us.

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