Netflix’s Extraction is a Thrilling Action-Packed Ride

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Based on the graphic novel Ciudad by Ande Parks, Extraction is the debut film of Sam Hargrave which hit #1 within a few hours of its release on Netflix.

Hemsworth, the Mercenary

Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake
Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake

Set in Kimberley, Australia, Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is a hyper and competitive mercenary, whose tragic past is always at the back of his mind. He is tasked on a mission to save an Indian boy who is abducted and is held hostage in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Tyler’s pain is reflected when he jumps off a cliff to meditate at the bottom of a pool or when he frequently takes OxyContin. Even after realizing that he won’t get any money for the mission and that they have been played, he does not leave the kid behind and decides to get him home. The character has several layers – ruthless mercenary, pained father and husband and the one with paternal instincts for the boy. Hemsworth is also seen speaking Bengali in one of the scenes!!

The Rivalry

Netflix's Extraction is a Thrilling Action-Packed Ride
Priyanshu Painyuli as Amir Asif

Amir Asif is the biggest drug lord of Bangladesh – known as Dhaka’s very own ‘Pablo Escobar’. He’s Ovi Mahajan Sr’s rival and is a ruthless man. He commands kids to be thrown from roofs in order to extract information. While Mahajan is in prison, he decides to abduct his son – Ovi Mahajan Jr. (Rudhraksh Jaiswal). The tussle then begins when Mahajan threatens his lieutenant Saju Rav (Randeep Hooda) to either save Ovi or risk losing his own son. Mahajan tells Saju that Ovi’s kidnapping isn’t about any ransom, it’s about humiliating him.

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Mahajan can’t pay the said ransom because his finances are frozen, but his people still hire the agency Tyler is called through, to rescue the boy. However, later it comes to their realization that they are being played and that another guy is out to rescue the boy (Saju) and hiring them was just a way to make it easy. Not to forget that Dhaka’s Escobar has a stronghold on the police and the army.

Mission: Impossible?

Chris Hemsworth and Rudhraksh Jaiswal as Tyler Rake and Ovi Mahajan Jr.

Keeping in mind the power Asif holds in Dhaka, it seems pretty impossible for Tyler to rescue Ovi. The streets are either filled with his goons or with police and army. But one thing that’s common is that everyone is thirsty for Tyler’s blood. There is a $10 million reward on Ovi’s death. This is later revealed by Gaspar, in whose house Tyler and Ovi hide for a while. The duo later finds out that Gaspar sold them out in order to get the reward money.

Although Tyler could have easily given away Ovi for the money, he followed his heart and went against Gaspar. However, tragedy soon followed, and while Tyler and Gaspar were fighting, Ovi shot the latter in panic. This incident highlights how the two have formed an unlikely bond as well as the fact that Ovi’s loss of innocence.

The Final Calling…

Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake
Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake
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After all the escaping and hiding from Asif and his people, it was time for the great escape. The time for finally getting Ovi home, as Tyler promised. Tyler contacts Saju to get the boy through the bridge checkpoint and dodge the police as he distracts them by risking himself. Saju tries to get him through but eventually gets caught and that’s is where the bloodshed and gore begins. The viewers do not get a breather during this final fight of Extraction, it keeps them at the edge of their seats.

During the firefight, Saju is sniped by Asif’s colonel. He is later sniped by Khan (Tyler’s partner). Tyler continues to cover the extraction and is severely wounded in the shootout. He asks for Ovi to run as fast as he can to the chopper and leave. After Rake is shot on the back of his neck, Ovi feels immense grief and is pulled away by Khan. Meanwhile, Tyler jumps in the river and is gone.

Unexplained Ending

Rudhraksh Jaiswal as Ovi Mahajan Jr.
Rudhraksh Jaiswal as Ovi Mahajan Jr.
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The final scene of Extraction shows Ovi 8 months after the incident. He takes a high dive in the pool and then calmly stays inside for a few moments just like Tyler did initially. As he comes out, he notices a white figure noticing him. But the viewers never know if it is Tyler or someone who’s back from Dhaka. The film has a rather ambiguous ending and is open to interpretation.

The idea to sort of keep it ambiguous, you know, based on different audience responses in the testing and so on about kind of what they believe would have happened or wanted to happen. And we shot a few different versions of the ending just as a sort of a backup. And I’m thankful for that, that Sam insisted on doing that just to cover all bases, you know?


Overall, Extraction is a fun watch for action-thriller lovers. Just tighten your seat belts for excellent fight sequences throughout the film. The movie is streaming now on Netflix.

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Netflix's Extraction is a Thrilling Action-Packed Ride


Netflix's Extraction is a Thrilling Action-Packed Ride
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Netflix's Extraction is a Thrilling Action-Packed Ride

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