Netflix’s Under the Riccione Sun Review: Fun But Don’t Think Too Deep

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Under the Riccione Sun is an Italian romantic-comedy movie starring Cristiano Caccamo, Davide Calgaro, Matteo Oscar Giuggioli, Ludovica Martino, Saul Nanni, Fotinì Peluso, Claudia Tranchese, Lorenzo Zurzolo, Giulia Schiavo, Maria Luisa de Crescenzo and directed by Younuts.

Sun, sand and love

Under the Riccione Sun is honestly a simple and no-nonsense movie about a group of friends who live it up on a holiday on the beaches of Riccione. They all try to go through with their feelings for different people and have fun while they’re at it.

As I said earlier, the movie doesn’t delve too deep into any themes of heartbreak or go too far into the pasts of the people. Honestly, with such a huge cast, that might be kind of difficult. Thus, Under the Riccione Sun is a movie that you watch to enjoy, not to nit-pick.

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The movie is cliched and honestly, very cheesy sometimes. But sitting at home for the past three months due to the quarantine, it’s nice to watch a simple movie and watch kids having fun on the beach. All of the characters have their own problems and matters of the heart to deal with, and even though you know what’s gonna happen, and who’s gonna end up with whom, you enjoy it.

Additionally, the movie starts off with the song Riccione by Thegiornalisti while the camera pans over the sea and the beach, and it creates the mood for the entire movie. Characters breezily overcome their problems and all’s well too soon. Although it’s fun to watch, I wonder how that would realistically work. You also meet a bunch of people who become friends in a matter of minutes. And my unsocial self can’t even face the mailman. Life’s unfair.

I do have a problem though. The men in Under the Riccione Sun think too highly of themselves. The way they talk about women isn’t amusing or funny and is rather annoying. It feels like the men are only interested to sleep with women, and that notion works in favour of none of the genders.

Attractive characters without much more

Under the Riccione Sun
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All the characters in Under the Riccione Sun are extremely attractive and will make you crush on them. However, that’s all that you will feel when it comes to them. There’s no backstory, and thus, you don’t care about what they are going through. Although, as I said above, the heartbreaks or problems don’t stay for too long, and problems are solved too quickly. But even for those brief periods of time, it gets tiresome, and you want to watch the next party they’re attending.

My favourite couples were probably Isabella Ferrari’s Irene and Luca Ward’s Lucio. It’s cute to watch two people who have too much in their lives get together and find companionship. So are Lorenzo Zurzolo’s Vincenzo and Ludovica Martino’s Camilla. They’re cute together, but well, a bit problematic.

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There’s a scene at the end where Marco does the “grand gesture” and professes his love for Guenda. That scene was supposed to be heart-warming and a tear-jerker. Unfortunately, I didn’t care for it at all, and it seemed dragged out.

Performances were palatable. All the characters were great at partying and having fun – and sold us on the carefree kids having fun during summer trope.

Summing up: Under the Riccione Sun

Under the Riccione Sun

For a one-time watch to relax, Under the Riccione Sun is a fun watch. Don’t think too much, because then it will become tiresome and start to drag. There are also some very fun and peppy songs that carry the movie forward. It’s one big party honestly – a party that I’d love to join in, right about now.

Under the Riccione Sun is streaming on Netflix right now.

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Under the Riccione Sun is Netflix's latest offerings of fun, flirty entertainer. if you don't think too deep about what's going on, it's extremely entertaining.


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