Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max Ready to Stream Netflix

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Netflix has finally made it to smart displays, so good news for Google Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max users! Finally, support for Netflix is here for the owners of these devices for a smart display.

It is reported that Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max smart displays have gotten past Amazon and is now the first to officially get support to stream Netflix. Now owners of these devices can easily link their Netflix account to Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max on the Google smart display.

Netflix has not been present on the smart display, which made watching TV shows a bit of a hassle. The streaming service was absent from the Amazon Echo Show 10 and Echo Show 5 smart displays as Amazon already had Amazon Prime Video reserved for that purpose.

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Now, this hassle of switching devices constantly to watch Netflix is gone. To activate Netflix on your Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, after linking your account just ask your Google Assistant to stream the show you wish to watch. You can also just say “Hey Google, open Netflix” and then just scroll through the list of shows to start watching the show.

Google has got a new gesture for Netflix on Google Nest Hub Max by using the camera, as with a hand gesture you can ask your device to pause or resume the show. This is a huge update from the house of Google. You can also have YouTube streamed on the smart display now. Both Nest Hub Max and Google Nest Hub will have video chat support for Google Meet and Duo. 

Users of these devices will also be able to make use of Google’s Voice Match feature, which means that one can open their personal Netflix profile and resume their last-watched show just by using their voice. This support will be rolled out globally, not just for users in the US, wherever Google sells Nest smart displays who will be able to access this feature. 

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This marks a change as Netflix is added with other Nest Hub supported services, including Disney Plus and Now TV. This is a bit of an unexpected move from Netflix as, in April, it mentioned to AndroidPolice, “We have no current plans to share for Netflix coming to Smart Displays.” Devices like the Lenovo Smart Display or Amazon Echo Show will still not be able to support the service, and no plans about the same have been reported as of yet.

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