Mu6 Headphones: The new Wireless headphones on the block


Here’s a big welcome to Mu6 Headphones which stands for “Music and Unique”. They are the newest Active Noise Cancelling headphones in the market and they are already competing with Bose. So you gotta check these out.

Mu6 Headphones

Mu6 headphones have dual microphones on the exterior and interior of each ear cup to continuously pinpoint ambient noises. The memory foam material blocks noise effectively from 2500 to 20000 hz, which is actually a much broader range than most headphones out there. 

Mu6 headphones were tested in the lab with their Bose counterpart, QC35 for ANC, and guess what, Mu6 won the competition by a long shot. 

Hearing Curve Optimization 

Well, this is not all that Mu6 has to offer. The headphones test the user’s hearing capability at different frequencies and then uses an algorithm to compensate for any hearing loss by matching it to a Golden Hearing Curve.

Essentially, these headphones are designed to deliver customized sound. Each sound you hear is unique, and customized just for you. It is like having an audio engineer at your disposal for giving you just the right Equalization. 

Other Specifications

Isn’t it annoying when you don’t know what to do with your headphones when someone approaches to you to say something, or have a small chit chat? Mu6 reduced the solution to that problem to a simple feature which allows you to lower the volume just by cupping the left side with their hand, which also increases the volume of human voices. However if you shall decide to remove headphones for a bit and don’t really want to take your phone out to pause the music, there’s a feature for that too! 

Music in Mu6 is automatically paused when users remove their headphones. Unlike most competitors that use pressure sensors or 3D touch tech, Mu6 is the first headphone to use the more accurate Infrared Distance Sensor for auto pause and play. 

One major problem with noise cancelling headphones is that sometimes, you need to hear the background sounds, but you don’t wanna let go of that next Tame Impala song that’s gonna play, so whatchu gon’ do? Mu6 has a transparency mode which enables users to hear background noises while wearing the headphones—perfect for when walking, biking, or any time users need to hear their surroundings. 

Mu6 Wireless charging stand
Wireless charging Stand

The charging for these pair of headphones is completely wireless. The wireless charging stand has adopted a magnetic power contact mechanism for juicing it back up.

And for all you audiophiles out there who select their own EQ, presets in the app offer a selection of one-click controls. Users can pick between pop, rock, jazz, hi-fi, original equalization settings, or create their own custom EQ. Hearing Curve Optimization is also included in the app.

Technical Aspects

  • 2 level ANC
  • Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity, 10m range
  • 40mm dynamic driver
  • 20-22Khz frequency response
  • Audio Codec: SBC, AAC, APTX
  • 5.0V 1A input power
  • 1000mAH capacity
  • Battery duration: over 24hrs with ANC and music on; over 35hrs with  ANC off
  • Volume: 17118782mm
  • Magnetic contact power charging por
  • 2 level ANC
  • Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity, 10m range
  • 40mm dynamic driver
  • 20-22Khz frequency response
  • Audio Codec: SBC, AAC, APTX
  • 5.0V 1A input power
  • 1000mAH capacity
  • Battery duration: over 24hrs with ANC and music on; over 35hrs with ANC off
  • Volume: 17118782mm
  • Magnetic contact power charging port

Mu6: Prices

Since this is a crowd-funded project on Indiegogo, members and backers get these headphones at discounted prices: $129, $149, and $169 USD, with shipping included. The retail price for Mu6 is $249. This is actually a lot cheaper than its Bose Counterpart QC35, which costs a whopping $349. 

Release Dates: Mark Your Calendars

The headphones release on Indiegogo in November 2018 and will start shipping out to backers in March of 2019. 

If you’re excited about these headphones, don’t worry, you’re not alone so are we! Read more articles like these here: TechQuila


    • It’s an intro, but it isn’t paid. We haven’t tested the product ourselves, and as long as we don’t, it wouldn’t be fair to comment on the quality and performance

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