Motorola is widely regarded as the company which brought to us powerful smartphones on a budget. With the first Moto G being a bonafide hit, the company’s popularity only grew, especially in countries like India where the average consumer is more than likely to relegated to buy “the budget device”. (For more on that, click here)

With the rise of online sales, there has also been a rise in concern about after sales support. For years, India has its trusty offline vendors to rely on whenever people had any queries related to their phones. Well, it looks like Motorola has also recognized the power of offline customer service.Source : GeekyRanjitJust yesterday, Motorola India opened a bunch of what they’re calling ‘Moto Hubs’ in Kolkata. 25 to be exact. The Hubs will allow consumers to buy and discuss quotes related to their devices.

Sudhin Mathur, Managing Director, Motorola Mobility India, had this to say regarding the launch:

“Our customer-centric strategy has helped us immensely and we have received an overwhelming response to ‘Moto Hubs’ across the country. With this we are giving smartphone lovers a fresh retail experience where they can interact and engage with the brand prior to the purchase..”

With the power of offline sales, Moto India plans to push their revenues upwards of 50% or more, depending upon the reception of these Hubs. With offline retails diminishing due to the better deals offered by e-commerce giants such as Flipkart & Amazon, Moto seemingly wants to capitalise on this opportunity, justifiably so.

MotorolaAccording to GfK, a German research firm, the eastern region of India contributes to 15% of total sales in the country. Hence, the inception of said Hubs in Kolkata. Previously Motorola had launched other Hubs, notably in Hyderabad, but yesterday’s launch seems to have given us a more clear motive behind the company’s marketing scheme.

With more Hubs planned across at least 100 cities, the country will soon see a rise (or rather, comeback) of offline retailers, and maybe even give enough reason to other smartphone manufacturers to do the same.


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