Backblaze, the popular cloud backup and storage platform owns over 110,000 hard drives for boot and data storage across various centers. The company recently shared their hard drive reliability stats for Q2 of 2019.

This quarter for Backblaze proved to be very fruitful with less than 500 drive failures, however, the lifetime failure rates show the complete story. Backblaze posted the hard drive stats Toshiba, HGST, and Seagate, with the company owning a majority of the latter drives. A few counts of Western Digital drives were retired, and replaced with HGST drives which have been taken into account.

According to the reports shared by Backblaze, for the reporting period of April 1, 2019 – June 30, 2019, Seagate 12TB drives failed the most with 247 drive fails which adds up to 2.85% of the total Seagate 12TB drives. This is a significantly higher figure as compared to the other 12TB storage option – Hitachi (HGST). For the 8TB drive department, again, Seagate had the highest number of drive failures with 1.79% fails, however, these drives were up for over 1.3M days.

The same trend continues for the 4TB drives with Seagate claiming the majority of the drive fails followed by HGST. Toshiba 14TB drives on the other hand show a 0% failure rate for the reporting period and a respectable 0.78% AFR with only 7 drive fails for 14TB variant and 5 fails in the 4TB drives in the duration of 6 years which proves that Toshiba drives perform the best. Note that the sample space for reliability testing of these drives, in general, is fairly low, so take the assertion with a grain of salt.

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