Most Popular Games To Play On Your Mobile Device

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Mobile games consume a huge amount of people’s time. We spend most of our time on Facebook and other social media applications. The second-highest ranked form of activity we like to spend time on when we are on our phones is mobile games. With over 800 million mobile users in India, that’s a whole lot of gaming!

Different Types of Mobile Games

You might have played some mobile games yourself, do you know the difference between a puzzle game and an RPG? Considering the widespread use of mobile devices today there is a lot of different individuals to cater to in the mobile gaming market. Below is a list of different types of popular games you can play on your phone.

Puzzle Games

The most popular type of game is Puzzles. You know Sudoku and titles like Word With Friends, Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled. Puzzles are known for having interesting layouts and it itches our brains when we take a look at a puzzle that can be solved but isn’t solved yet. Solving one is a stimulating and rewarding experience. Puzzles are a very ingrained part of us as all the oldest games in history are types of puzzle games. So it’s not difficult to understand why puzzles are so popular on mobile when they’ve always been the best way to beat boredom.

Games of Chance

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Before moving into more heavy games there is another type of game on this list which predates mobile phones with some 2300 years. Games of chance like poker, roulette and blackjack are very popular games on mobile phones all across India. Slot games are another very popular game of chance where graphics, sounds, music and emotion are all combined for a gaming experience more relevant to the type of mobile games described on this list. In games of chance, you can wager your own money for a chance to win money, there’s also plenty free-to-play games to try.

Adventure Games

Adventure games can be very broad and include multiple game types in one game, so-called mini-games containing for example puzzles to finish some part of the game. Normally in adventure games, you set out with a character who is on a quest for something and it can be sent in a world embroiled with war or you’re a modern-day Sherlock Holmes solving a mystery. Adventure games are fun because they usually challenge your brain while stimulating your imagination while you’re thrown into another world.

Role-Playing Games

RPGs are similar to adventure games but rely more on diverse characters, deep characters, heavy storylines and usually require hours and hours of play to complete. The way they are similar to adventure games is that they involve long journeys and are set in imaginary worlds which are easy to get lost in.

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In an RPG you take the role of a character, live through stores that take you on adventures to the corners of imaginary worlds. The actions you take during the game usually affect the story of the game and ultimately the outcome of the game. Popular RPG genres are fantasy and science fiction.

Sports Games

If you are too lazy then you can take up real-life activities such as cricket, football or tennis while laying on your couch and eating nachos. Sports games are usually light to play and the focus as in real-life is to beat the opposing teams. Sports of precision are very popular with games like golf, pool, archery and darts.

Strategy Games

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Planning and cunning and taking turns on a battlefield or in the markets are what comes to mind when mentioning strategy games. Not all strategy games are about wars or finance. Many of the most classic games including Chess and Backgammon fall into this category. Strategy games are fun to play and stimulate your brain as you need to think logically, rely on intuition and quickly adapting to changed circumstances.

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