Moderna’s Coronavirus Vaccine Final Trial Begins in the US

    Coronavirus vaccine

    The final trial or the Phase 3 trial of Moderna’s Coronavirus vaccine has finally begun in the US. This is the largest trial for a Coronavirus vaccine. The drug company Moderna has now started to gather 30,000 volunteers to test the Coronavirus vaccine. This trial is said to be a blind trial and it includes some candidates getting placebos too.

    There is however no guarantee that this Coronavirus vaccine could provide protection against the virus. Participants will be getting two dozes of this Coronavirus virus and further studies will be conducted to determine if there are other sets of actual infections that might show up. It could also be that these participants will show no signs of infections and will go about their lives normally.

    It is reported that there is a list of about 70 anticipated trials that can be conducted across the whole of US. The participants who have now signed up for the trials are from Savanna and Georgia. Moderna is trying to focus these resources across all states because it wants to work with participants from severely affected states to mildly affected states for a better overview.

    The geographical distribution matters in terms of how efficiently the Coronavirus vaccine is performing. Volunteers will not know if they are getting a real Coronavirus vaccine shot or a dummy one. Once they have been given the two doses, the participants will be asked to resume their daily activities. 

    The Moderna trial is in partnership with the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and so far it has been extremely fast in terms of the proceedings made on the development of the Coronavirus vaccine.

    Moderna just started working on this vaccine about two months ago and has tested on human beings too, but now it is now in the final phase of testing. The first phase of the testing has also shown promising results indicating that it does help prevent the infection to a certain degree.

    The trials in the first phase have shown positive results mainly because it has been tested on a few number of people, things can look different once it is tested on a larger number of participants. That’s when one can determine the real success of this Coronavirus vaccine.

    Many other countries have also started to work on several other vaccines made mainly by China and by Britain’s Oxford University earlier in the month of July and have begun smaller final-stage tests in Brazil and other countries that have been affected badly.

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