Microsoft Teams, a Slack competitor by the Redmond giant is celebrating its First birthday this week. As a part of this celebration, they are unveiling a few new features. The most notable features are message translation and Cortana integration. This will have support for voice interactions through team-enabled devices like conference room devices and IP phones.

Slack vs HipChat vs Microsoft Teams Microsoft also unveiled Teams’ stats so far. 200,000 organizations across 181 countries are using Microsoft Teams as part of their collaborative tools, including NASCAR, General Motors and Macy’s. The blog post listed 9 specific additions that it says gives Microsoft an upper hand over competitors like Slack and HipChat. Some of these were in-app while others were around the devices that use Teams.

Message translation is a particularly useful feature especially if you are working with a remote multilingual team. This inline feature helps understand what each individual is saying if the algorithm always works right. Microsoft is also adding cloud recording for meetings with automatic timecoding and transcription, background blur, mobile sharing for meetings and the ability to find and add Skype Room Systems in any meeting.

 Microsoft TeamsIt is being speculated that Microsoft will launch a free version of Teams soon and the tech giant is working on integrating the service on its Surface Hub conferencing displays.


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